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Vintage Vehicles At Our Museum

The Society Has four fire trucks, the 1929 La France, the 1949 International, the 1947 Willys and we just got hold of the 1954 Thibault that was in service at No. 1 fire hall. This vehicle isn't on display - more information below. We also have wheeled apparatus including a refurbished Hose Trailer that is pulled by the Willys. There are many wheeled fire extinguishers, most have been restored and on display.

We have a beautifully restored wooden wheeled hose reel on display at the museum.

1949 International Pumper Truck

Truck 32.jpg

1929 LaFrance Hose Wagon

Old 98_edited.jpeg

1947 Willys Jeep 

Jeep (34)painting.jpg

1954 Thibault Project

Truck 36.jpg
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