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About Us

The purpose of the society is to acquire and protect fire fighting equipment and archival material, especially equipment used within West Vancouver.


We have tried to save all documents that are to do with West Vancouver Fire that came our way, from Fire Department fire reports to newspaper clippings. 


We also inform and educate the public about the historic aspects of fire fighting. We feel strongly that the achievements of those who started the WVFD, the early Volunteers and the equipment they had to use, should be saved.


We have three antique Fire Trucks, hose reels and other miscellaneous equipment; plus archive material that has been given to our care since the Society was formed in 1986.

In 2004 we started what was to be a storage and restoration building. Now complete, it is used as a museum and for restoration of vintage equiment.

The museum is situated behind No. 4 Fire Station on Cross Creek Road in West Vancouver.


We are a 100 percent volunteer society, and a registered charity in Canada.

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