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West Vancouver Fire Department History


Acting Chief J. S. Yates. Telephone in corner drug store 400 which remained to the late 1950's.

Fire department consisted of 11 volunteer firefighter members and one chemical tank truck (La France mounted on a chassis).

July 21st. - Bush fire at 23 & Belleview caused by persons burning out a wasps nest - Alarm sent in at 10 p.m. - Members attending - J. Yates, J. Paterson and S Deane -Time 1 hour.

Sept 19th - House Fire - Elizabeth Holesworth - Alarm sent in at 7 no one was in the house when the fire started the blaze was through the roof when the water was turned on. The walls were considerably damaged & also contents with approx. value $1200 - building damage estimate $800  - members of brigade attending - J. Paterson, W. Stratton, W. Thompson, J. Yates and W. Artington - Time 2 hours.

October 1st. Bush Fire at Caulfields. This fire was caused by the road men on the P.G.E. railway who set fire to two miles of old ties, the foreman leaving two men in charge who did not notice that the fire had crept into the bush and got beyond the help of Caulfield brigade, burning over a klarge area. Men were call out from Dundarave and Ambleside, beside the forestry brigade.-time 8 hours.


April 15th - Fire at John Harts 16th. & Esquimalt - started in kitchen about 7:45 a.m. The fire had a good start before brigade arrived and was extinguished after half an hours hard work. damage to kitchen, dining room, pantry hall & stairway by fire and the remainder by smoke & water. Estimated damage to house  $2500.00 - to furniture $500 to $100.00.

Arnold Garthorne cut his hand on a brocken window. Fire caused by tree-spray boiling over

August 29th. Call at 3.40 a.m. to Travers Ave, West Bay. Car # BC 54-524 belonging to Mrs.Ericson on fire. The chemicals were used and the fire put out. The body and 3 tires being completely damaged - Cause unknown but tail light had been left burning.

December 13th. - Call to Chinese Laundry on Clyde, between 14th and 15th Streets. Fire had started around the heaters in thewashing room and destroyed the roof, walls and considerable amount of equipment. - Stove pipe equipment exceedingly poor and wood was piled around heater to dry out - Cold day and things frozen up. - S. Dean & J Patterson - Bill sent in


Call to gas boat at West Bay - owner put out fire before arrival of the Fire Department.  Fire in bilge and put out by partly sinking boat.


Call to 2129 Bellevue - whole interior of house was ablaze on arrival - fire soon extinguished.  Whole interior, furniture and clothing destroyed.  Estimated loss $400.


September 5, 21st and Argyle - the house was nearly burnt down on arrival of brigade - adjoining buildings were protected and fire put out.  House was a total loss.  Trouble with truck - broken valve.  Estimated loss $1,200.


January 1, call to 22nd and Mathers - chimney fire.  On this trip, rear end of truck gave out and was towed back to hall.


July 27, first call with new Fire Truck 1930 G.M.C. - Bush fire.


Call to the Fortune Cup Inn, whole west end of building in flames.


August 21, bush fire at Ambleside Beach.


May 18, fire at Inglewood High School.

Fire at Sherman on October 5 (at this time Sherman was a small community).


Harry Normand - Fire Chief.  July 21, B.C. Electric Powerhouse 18th Street.


Total fire calls that year 64 - House 19, Chimney 22, Bush 21, Car 1, False Alarm 1.  Amount of property endangered $85,900, damage for year $108.


March 27, fire practice held for two hours at Firehall 13th and Argyle - all hose tested, couplings oiled, etc.

April 13, 1962 Bellevue - ceiling fire caused by pipe through roof and rats nest against pipe.  Damage $75.

39 calls - 9 House, 15 Chimney and Roof fires, 10 Bush, 2 practice calls.

Estimated loss for year $1,253.  Expenses - wages $570.50, Equipment $210.80, phone, light and heat $165.47, Insurance on equipment $84.72, Insurance on firefighters $42.00.  Total Budget - $1,073.49


Bill Thompson - Fire Chief.  Year's total damage $844.


Total calls, 39.


Total calls 51

Fire department records go back as far as June 1925. Below are some selected highlights compiled by Deputy Chief G.M. McDowell (ret.), Deputy Chief G. Harrington (ret.) and Captain Howard Moody (ret.)

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