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1929 LaFrance Hose Wagon

1929  La France Chemical / Hose Wagon                                                  Shop Number 98


5 ton, 6 cylinder (18 spark plug dual ignition system, with 2 carburetors), 125 H. P., 33 feet in length and a 40 gallon chemical tank.


Originally a Vancouver Fire Department truck, cost $10,750.00.   It was placed in service at No.11 Hall on 8th. Oct 1929, placed on reserve duty at No. 13 Hall in 1958 and retired out of service on July19th. 1961.

West Vancouver firefighters local 1525 purchased the truck from a farmer in Aldergrove, it still had only 5,000 miles on it, but had been kept in a field and was in poor shape.  It took approx.10,000 hours of volunteer labour and took over one year to complete.  It has 14 coats of hand rubbed lacquer paint, hand painted gold striping and custom upholstery by Bas Collins. 

The union completed a major engine overhaul ($18,000.00) in 1993 and then sold #98 to our society in 1994. 

It continues its proud service to West Vancouver as a public relations vehicle supporting charity and community events.

NB. “Old 98” has been in movies and TV commercials and was featured on the cover of the 1997 ICBC calendar.

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