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Latest Project '31' News


May 15th, 2022


The radiator has been removed and repaired and now back at the museum. Next is starting the engine.


March 28th. 2022


The radiator is exposed and ready for removal


March 15th. 2022

With the truck is now secured under a Garage/tent. Work has began on taking the front end body work off.

Top Left - The hood is a combination of steel and aluminum. The steel parts have quite a bit of rust. 

Bottom Left - The nose piece is a very solid aluminum casting.

Bottom Right - Rick and Scott at work removing more body parts so they can get to the radiator.

This is slow and tedious work - all the bolts, screw and fasteners are so rusted that removing them is extremely difficult.


February 2022


The truck is now secured under a Garage/tent like structure.The ends have been modified so they can be opened easily. It has also been vented and lights have been installed.

All the chrome has been removed, and work is to begin soon on removing some of the bodywork.  

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