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West Vancouver Fire Department


The Department which is now called West Vancouver Fire & Rescue operates out of four stations serving a municipality of 45,000.  The Retired Firefighters of West Vancouver was organized in 2000 to try and keep our members up to date on what is happening locally in West Vancouver as well as providing information and services to our members, living in other climes. We will keep you apprised of issues affecting our retirement. We will also provide links to websites we feel will be of interest to you.

              Our informal lunch schedule has been cancelled until further notice. We especially want to encourage our new retiree's to come and share friendship, conversation and common interests with us.

In Memoriam

To honour and remember the fire fighters who served

West Vancouver and who have answered their Last Alarm

News & Events

2022 April 22 jpeg.jpeg

Photo was taken at the memorial service honouring Ben’s life on Friday April 22 at Boal Chapel on Lilliooet Rd in North Vancouver. 

District Chief Ben Audet 
151 Eric Blank.jpeg

Assistant Chief Eric Blank Retires

Born in Duncan BC, Eric started his firefighting career with the Vancouver Fire Dept.

The last major file that Chief Blank was involved in was the purchase of West Van's new Tower Fire Truck (see News & Events).

Eric was an avid surfer and spent as much time on Hawaii's beaches as possible.

Badge No. : 151

Date Started : Jan 10, 2000

Promoted to Lieutenant : Jan 29, 2016

Promoted to Asst. Chief : July 7, 2018

Date of Retirement : March 25, 2022

"Drive-By" for Captain Phillips


Retired Captain William 'Bill' Phillips has been battling cancer for some time now. On May 24th 2021 the North Shore fire departments came together to hold a drive by at Capt. Phillips home. 

   "It was so great to have all 3 departments pull together in support of one of our former members who could use a lift. I have to say it was a pretty emotional afternoon, witnessing the compassion that was extended by so many people and the bravery shown by Bill during this journey. If you would like to pass along a huge thank you to all of you retired guys who always seem to answer the call when asked. After chatting with Kerry,  it became clear that this really meant a lot to her, Bill, and his kids to have such a great turnout of City, District and West Van trucks and both current and retired members.  

  I think this kind of camaraderie is what our organizations are all about at their core when everything else is stripped away."

                                                                                                      Scott Jonson

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