In Memoriam

                      Fire Chief

     Thomas "Flint" McKim 

        Who died on March 31, 1986

              North Vancouver, B.C.

1-Flint McKim.jpg

        Age 68

Fire Chief Flint McKim was born on January 5, 1918 in Victoria, B.C. He attended school in Oak Bay, B.C. He was a Navy veteran from the Second World War. Prior to his installation as the first career Fire Chief for the West Vancouver Fire Department  Flint had been with Oak Bay Fire Department and then worked for the training unit of the Fire Marshal Office in Vancouver. On April 15, 1954 Flint became the new Fire Chief. He resigned on November 19, 1968. He died in North Vancouver of heart failure. Flint had two children, David and Janice. 

                      Fire Chief

              Rex Chandler 

        Who died on March 24, 1999

              North Vancouver, B.C.


        Age 84

 Fire Chief Rex Chandler was born August 9, 1914 in Vancouver and educated at Dorchester House School and Vancouver Tech. Rex started is firefighting career at the beginning of the Second World War at Vancouver Airport. He was in charge of the fire brigade in the overhaul and repair plant. In 1948 he was the assistant manager for Fleck Bros in Vancouver in the safety and first aid division. At the same time, he was a volunteer firefighter in the Ambleside area. In 1955 he became the Volunteer Chief for the same area. On April 1, 1969 at the age of 54, Rex was appointed the Fire Chief of the West Vancouver Fire Department replacing Flint McKim. He retired on January 31, 1978. He died of heart failure. Rex and his wife Frances have two children Wendy and Dale. 

                      Deputy Chief

     Wallace "Wally" Galpin

            Who died on April 17, 2010

                 Bakersfield, CA, USA

Galpin DC 2.jpg

         Badge # 1

           Age 83

 Deputy Chief Wallace “Wally” Galpin was born on October 16, 1926 in North Vancouver, B.C. He attended Queen Mary Elementary and North Van High in North Vancouver. He was a veteran serving with the Royal Canadian Artillery Corp and the Canadian Technical Corp. Prior to joining the West Vancouver Fire Department Wally was a mechanic with the West Vancouver Transportation. He joined the West Vancouver Volunteer Fire Department from April 1949 to August 1954. On August 9, 1954 Wally became the first permanent firefighter hired receiving Badge #1. He was promoted to Captain on July 1, 1958 and Assistant Chief on January 1, 1965.On March 13, 1978 he was elevated to Deputy Chief, until his retirement on October 29, 1982. He served the West Vancouver Municipality for 37 years. He died of heart failure while on vacation in Bakersfield, California. Wally and Donna have two children Les and Nicki.

                  District Chief

       Leslie "Les" Butler

       Who died on JULY 22, 2015

               Roberts Creek, BC

3- Les Butler.jpg

   Badge # 2

      Age  66

 District Chief Les Butler was born on October 22, 1922 in Port Rexton, Newfoundland. He received is education at Port Rexton School. He then joined the Navy in Newfoundland. After leaving the Navy, he moved to West Vancouver in 1948 joining the Horseshoe Bay Volunteers.

He joined the permanent force on August 15, 1954. He was promoted to Lieutenant on January 1, 1966 and District Chief on February 6, 1967. He retired on December 30, 1983. He died of natural causes. He is preceded in death by his wife Nora and children Eileen, Edna, Diane, Adele and Mark.


     Joe Callegari

            Who died on January 12, 2009

         Richmond BC


   Badge # 3

      Age 82

 Captain Joe Callegari was born on March 1, 1926 in Vancouver, B.C. Joe graduated from Vancouver Technical School in Vancouver. Joe served in World War 11 with the Canadian Air and Royal Engineers stationed in Chiliwack. After his military career he became manager of the Vancouver Press Club. On August 15, 1954 Joe joined the West Vancouver Fire Department being one of the original four hired. He was promoted to Lieutenant on January 1, 1966 and Captain on February 1, 1971. Joe retired on August 31, 1985. He died of heart failure. Joe and Isabel have two children Gail and Brian.


            Jack Blythe

               Who died in 1990

                   Burnaby, B.C.


   Badge # 4

      Age 66

 Firefighter Jack Blythe was born on Mar 19,1924 in Maple Creek, Sask. He received his education in Brandon, Manitoba. He joined the Navy in 1941 and served in the Second World War. Prior to joining the Fire Dept, Jack worked for the West Vancouver Municipality as the Hollyburn Forest Ranger. He started with the West Vancouver Fire Dept on Aug 15, 1954. He left the Fire Dept on May 18, 1958. Jack died at the George Derby Care Center in Burnaby. Jack and his wife Phyllis have 3 children, David, Don, and Dale.

                      Deputy Chief

          Gerry McDowell

            Who died on October 18, 2014

                          Saanich   BC

5 Dept C. G. McDowell 1989.jpg

   Badge # 5

      Age  82

  Deputy Chief Gerry McDowell was born in Vancouver, B.C. He went to school in Vancouver and later the family moved to West Vancouver where he attended West Van High. Prior to joining the West Vancouver Fire Department, he worked for the Ferris, Fisheries, Railways and with the District of West Vancouver in Engineering. He joined the West Vancouver Fire Department on August 4, 1955. He was first promoted to Lieutenant on January 1, 1966, Captain on February 1, 1971, District Chief on August 1, 1974, Assistant Chief October 1, 1983 and Deputy Chief on January 1, 1985.His career lasted 37 years with this department. He retired on April 30, 1992. He died in Saanich. Gerry left behind Florence and two children Coleen and Kerry. 

                       District Chief

          Robert 'Bob' Tocher

            Who died on October 18, 2014

                          Nainamo,   BC

7-Bob Tocher.JPG

   Badge # 7

      Age  78

District Chief Bob Tocher was born on June 16, 1930 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He received his education at Pauline Johnson School and Inglewood High School in West Vancouver. Prior to joining the fire department, Bob worked in Forest Biology as an Entymologist. He started with the West Vancouver Fire Department on July 16, 1958, promoted to Lieutenant on February 6, 1967, Captain on February 1, 1971 and District Chief on November 1, 1982. After battling cancer for several years, he succumbed to it on December 16, 2008 in the Nanaimo Hospital. Bob had three children Greg, Diane and 


         Kenneth "Ken" Tiderington

                       Who died on July 18, 2016

                                Sechelte   BC


   Badge # 10

      Age  79

 Captain Ken Tiderington was born on September 28, 1937. Ken acquired his education at West Van High in West Vancouver. Ken would hang around the fire hall as a young lad and was a volunteer fire fighter before he joined the West Vancouver Fire Department on June 14, 1959. He was promoted to Lieutenant on June 1, 1969 and Captain on August 28, 1971. He resigned on October 3, 1974. He had three children Brett, Ken Jr and Darcy.

                       Assistant Chief

             John Halstead                   Who died on December 21, 2016

                          Whistler   BC

1990 John H.jpg

   Badge # 11

      Age  86


 Assistant Chief John Halstead was born on April 12, 1930 in Vancouver, B.C. He went to school at Queen Mary in Vancouver, Pauline Johnson and West Van High in West Vancouver. He joined the West Vancouver Fire Department as a volunteer in 1957 and then became a career firefighter on November 25, 1959. He was promoted to Lieutenant on March 1, 1971 and to Captain in January of 1973. He was further promoted to District Chief on January 1, 1882 and then to Assistant Chief on July 2, 1987. He retired in April 1990. He died of heart failure. He leaves behind his wife Kaye and daughter Karen.

                        Fire Fighter

     John "Doug" Clarkson                   Who died on April 11 1994                                North Vancouver   BC

Doug Clarkson.jpg

   Badge # 12

      Age  63

  Firefighter John “Doug” Clarkson was born on September 18, 1930 in Montreal, Quebec. He moved to West Vancouver and attended Inglewood High in West Vancouver. He started with the West Vancouver Fire Department as a volunteer at Horseshoe Bay prior to joining the West Vancouver Fire Department on November 25, 1959 as a career firefighter. During his term with the department, Doug spent some time in the Fire Warden Office. Doug had previously worked for ES Livsey Construction and Mercury Water Taxi operator in West Vancouver. Doug left the department in 1963. He died of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doug and his wife Mary have two children Laurie and Timothy.